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Governor Lead Responsibilities

Each of our governors takes a lead responsibility for a core area as follows:

Art and Design - Mrs D Goodhand
Children in Care - Mrs L Hopkins
Collective Worship - Revd J Whitehead
Design & Technology - Mrs D Goodhand
Disability - Revd A Nunn
Diversity & Equality - Revd A Nunn
Drugs Education Provision - Mrs F Matthews
Finance Management Standard - Mrs A Dunkerley
Foundation Stage - Miss M Parker
Gifted and Talented - Mrs L Hopkins
Governors' Support and Development - Mrs D Goodhand
ICT - Mrs C Barkley
Literacy - Revd A Nunn
Medical Needs - Mrs F Matthews
Music - Mrs L Hopkins
Numeracy - Mrs F Matthews
PSHCE - Revd A Nunn
R.E. - Revd J Whitehead
Science - Mrs C Barkley
SEND - Mrs L Hopkins