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At Winterton C of E Infant School, we aim to ensure each children becomes a fluent reader who has a love for literature.


Reading has two parts – word reading and comprehension.


We teach word reading through RWI phonics, which enables the children to use the sounds they know to read words but reading is about more than just saying what they see on a page.


Comprehension skills allow children to really understand what it is they are reading and learn from it. A child who reads a lot will become a good reader. A good reader will be able to read more challenging material. A child who reads challenging material is a child who will learn. The more a child learns, the more he or she will want to find out.


We develop children’s comprehension is several different ways.


Talk For Writing – during the writing process in our English lessons, we plan activities that help children understand what the focus text is about and why the author has used the language they have chosen.


RWI – during RWI sessions, the children will take part in activities that require them to answer questions arounf what they have read and give some reasons for their answers.


Read with ERIC – each week the children will have the opportunity to read as a whole class. They may read an extract of a text, or use pictures or film. The children will then answer different types of questions to develop their understanding of the text.

E: Explain (explain what different words and parts of the text mean)

R: Retrieve (find the words which answer questions about a text)

I: Interpret (use clues from the text to give reasons for ideas)

C: Choice (explore what the author has done to make the text interesting and enjoyable)