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The staff who work in our school


Headteacher - Mrs R Lewis


Deputy Headteacher - Mrs S Walton


Teachers -              Mrs S Walton (Nursery)
                               Miss S Foster (Nursery)
                               Mrs S Waters (Reception)

                               Miss B Ellis (Reception)

                               Mrs C Allison (Year 1)
                               Miss L Bontoft (Year 1)

                               Miss E Thompson (Year 1)
                               Mrs R Lyons (Year 2)

                               Mrs S Goodall (Year 2)

                               Miss D McPherson (Year 2)

SEN-Co                  Mrs S Walton

Teaching Support - Mrs D Goodhand (Pupil & Parent Support Specialist)
                               Mrs S Carlyon

                               Mrs Y Bowers 
                               Mrs G Grove

                               Miss S Lambert 
                               Mrs N Hall 
                               Mrs J Sanderson

                               Mrs Deakin

                               Mrs Kirton 
                               Mrs J Shipstone 
                               Mrs G Egan-Whittaker 
                               Miss B Lowe 
                               Mrs G Stewart 

                               Miss R Eley

                               Mrs C Chelotti

                               Mrs K Ellis
Secretary - Mrs J Fearn
Business Manager - Mrs J Snow


Caretaker - Mr P Henson
Cleaners - Mrs C Drinkall / Mrs G Raspin / Miss L Suddaby


Senior Lunchtime Supervisor - Mrs D Louth
Lunchtime Supervisors - Mrs C Bilton / Mrs A Hebblewhite / Mrs A Kirton / Mrs M Lugsden / Mrs K Parkin / Mrs G Raspin / Mrs C Drinkall


First Aid - Mrs Deakin, Mrs Hall and Mrs Louth are all trained by St Johns Ambulance in First Aid and our Nursery Staff have Paediatric First Aid training


Cook - Mrs Midwinter
Kitchen Assistants - Miss Lawson