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Friends Of Winterton Infants School (FOWIS)


Over many, many years F.O.W.I.S has supported the school with fundraising events ran by volunteers ranging from staff, ex pupils, parents, grandparents and people of our community. The funds raised by this generosity have provided so much enrichment to our pupils learning and school environment. In light of the huge commitment required by our volunteers to run this as a charity the school has made the decision to run F.O.W.I.S as a volunteer list of people whom would like to offer a small amount of their time to help at some of our events. The charity aspect of the school fundraising will be fulfilled by the school to enable our volunteers to continue to do the part of the work they love, which is to be hands on and help at events. Our F.O.W.I.S library continues to run as it has for many years.  We welcome parents and grandparents to join our F.O.W.I.S volunteer list and ask that you let the school office know you would like to join.