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Big Maths



At Winterton Infants we have decided to use Big Maths Learn Its’ across school to improve mental maths. 


In total, there are 36 addition ‘Learn Its’ and 36 multiplication ‘Learn Its.’ Each year group, from Nursery to Year 2, are given a set of ‘Learn It’ facts that they are asked to learn.  The children need to know these facts instantly and be able to answer questions about these as quick as they can answer the question, what is your name? The aim of the ‘Learn Its’ is to ensure that by the end of Y2, children know all the basic addition and multiplication facts by heart in line with the National Curriculum so that they can be applied instantly to many areas of their Numeracy work and prepare them for further learning in KS2. The children should also know the related division and subtraction facts.



Please help your child to learn these facts as they impact so much on their maths skills and speed of answering questions


Each week, the children will be quizzed on the  ‘Learn Its,’ for their year group using a different Big Maths Beat That quiz (examples below). Dependant on the year group of the child, the quiz asks the children to recall a set number of facts, in a set number of seconds. 


Big Maths Learn Its are being used across KS1.


The tests will be different each week, and scores are recorded by class teachers. If you would like to find out how your child is doing, please drop in and ask their class teacher. The aim is for each child to beat their previous score. It is not a competition between the class, but a way to celebrate each child’s progression. Prizes are given to children who are the most improved or who achieve full marks. 

Big Maths Parent Presentation

Why are Mental Recall and Times Tables Important?


Quick Mental Recall and knowing their times tables provides children with the opportunity to answer questions quickly and effectively. Often, when completing complex maths problems, children make errors with the calculation, rather than the process. Knowing a range of maths facts instantly gives children a solid base to further thier reasoning skills and solve problems in other areas of maths such as fractions. 


The Government will be introducing a statutory times tables test for Year 4 children during the 2019/2020 academic year.

Maths Teaching and Learning


All classes plan directly from the National Curriculum using a range of resources and text books to support learning. If you would like some advice on how to support your child at home, please contact thier class teacher. 

Maths National Curriculum