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Mission Statement & Ethos

Mission Statement - We Care



We aim for our children to feel happy, confident and secure, with a strong sense of their own value.

We believe that children thrive in a safe, caring and inclusive environment, where all adults and children respect each other and are treated fairly.

We recognise that each child is unique and we celebrate and encourage diversity.  Our school motto 'We Care' reflects these beliefs and the Christian values underpinning our ethos.

WELCOME - We welcome everyone into our school community encouraging everyone to participate in opportunities for development

EXCELLENCE - We aim to achieve excellence for all our children through the curriculum, opportunities and role models we provide in school

CELEBRATE - We celebrate the qualities, attitudes and differences that make up the whole school community

AMAZING - We acknowledge that all of our children are amazing and deserve the right to show this through their time in school

RESPECT - We teach our children through their understanding and knowledge of the Christian faith to show respect, awareness, tolerance and sensitivity to everyone of all faiths and beliefs

ENJOY - We aim to provide all children with a true enjoyment of learning and love for education