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STEM visit

On March 7th, Year One were lucky enough to receive a visit from Chris, a STEM ambassador and space expert! During our Infinity and Beyond topic, we came up with lots of questions about space, so we asked Chris to help us to investigate two of them.


1. Why do astronauts wear spacesuits? 

Chris showed us diagrams to help us understand that there is air pressing on us outside of our bodies, and air inside our bodies trying to escape. We talked out how this allows us to stay the same shape. What would happen to our bodies in space, where there is no air pressing from outside our bodies? We used syringes to represent space, and a small marshmallow inside, to represent a person. We dragged the air out of the marshmallow with the syringe and observed what happened closely. We watched the marshmallows expand as the air escaped from inside. 



2. How do astronauts go to the toilet in space? 

Chris showed us a video of a Space Potty on the International Space Station. Then, we throughout about what would happen if an astronaut really needed to go when they were out on a space walk... Chris told us all about space nappies!

To find out how they work, we carried out an experiment using a small amount of the chemical which is found inside the nappies, and poured a cup of water into it. We watched as the powder soaked up all of the water and make a strange, powdery material. It looked like snow! We enjoyed using our senses to explore this new material. 


We we had a fantastic afternoon of hands on science - here are some photos. 



Picture 1
Picture 2 Feeling the air around us.
Picture 3
Picture 4 What happens to a body with no air?
Picture 5
Picture 6 Exploring UV light
Picture 7 Where has the water gone?
Picture 8 Observing closely
Picture 9
Picture 10 Using our senses
Picture 11 Getting messy!
Picture 12